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Get a 10% Discount on MedXCom: The Oral Surgeons’ Medical Answering Service

MedXCom is the first hybrid medical answering service that combines a cloud-based automated answering service with a live operator option. Designed with input from noted oral surgeons, it truly revolutionizes how you take after-hours calls.


What Is MedXCom?

The MedXCom hybrid medical answering service allows doctors to communicate, track and preserve night calls with total accuracy, with the convenience and sophistication of an easy-to-use mobile app. It allows doctors and practice managers to control their on-call calendar, call rules and phone settings without having to contact a third party to make any changes. And all communication made into or out of the system is recorded and archived and, of course, HIPAA-compliant.


How It Works

MedXCom screens every call that comes into the medical practice whenever your phone lines are directed to it. After hours, at lunch or during peak operating times, you control how and where calls flow, directly from your PC or via our smartphone app. Routine and non-urgent calls are filtered into mailboxes for follow-up at a later time. When an urgent call routes to a doctor, the system checks to see how they wish to be contacted and begins the process of locating them. Most importantly, each on-call provider can set up the system differently to meet their own specific needs.

With our Direct Connect functionality, MedXCom routes incoming calls to a doctor’s specified phone number. Doctors can store multiple phone numbers and direct the system to route calls to any specific phone at any given point in the day. When a doctor receives a call, they listen to a brief message from the caller before deciding whether to connect immediately or defer the call for another time.

Using our Voice to Text Transcription, the doctor can elect to get their caller’s urgent message sent directly to their MedXCom app, both as an audio file and a transcribed message. The doctor can then return the patient’s call directly through the app, which provides them with Caller ID protection.

A live operator also is available for those doctors who wish to use one. The doctor can still choose whether to be connected via phone or have the operator send them a secure message detailing the reason for the call. All calls with operators, whether connected with a doctor or not, are recorded and archived, and accessible at any time from anywhere. Best of all, whether to use a live operator is doctor-specific, allowing your OMS practice to customize exactly how each doctor prefers to be contacted.

The Discount
ASI and AAOMS have arranged a 10% discount for AAOMS members. See what this groundbreaking system can do for your OMS practice by visiting MedXCom to learn more, or call 877-633-9776. Be sure to select that you’re an AAOMS member at registration to receive the 10% discount.

Testimonials from AAOMS Members

“MedXCom is incredibly easy to use and virtually eliminates errors. It allows me to control how my patients contact me, either by connecting me with them over the phone or texting me their message HIPAA-compliantly.”

Dr. Richard Garden, Severna Park, Md.

“When I first started in practice, I used a conventional answering service as there were very few alternatives to choose from. I had complaints from patients regarding how my service handled their calls and several instances when I should have been contacted by my service but was not. I also faced the escalating cost of the service and extra charges that were applied during every holiday. MedXCom has provided my office with an excellent alternative and more efficient solution to a conventional answering service, all easily accessible via an app on my iPhone. MedXCom has definitely made the way my office handles after-hours calls more efficient and with fewer headaches.”

Dr. Daniel Quon, Jackson, Miss.

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