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"CareCredit continues to be the leader in helping out patients finance their oral surgery. The quick and easy application and financing and up-front reimbursement allows patients to get the treatment they need when they need it. Their longstanding association with not only OMFS but most all healthcare specialties speaks to their dedication and success"

Dr. Jaclyn Tomsic
Beachwood, OH

"CareCredit provides a great financial resource for our patients to proceed with treatment. Their application/approval process is seamless and our patients typically get an immediate response allowing them to receive the immediate care they sometimes need. Thank you CareCredit for developing a product that is not only beneficial to our patients but also easy for the office to utilize."

Dr. Philip Banghart
Mattoon, IL

"Our practice has enjoyed ordering supplies and equipment through ACE for the past decade. We are very excited about their recent association with Southern that will continue to supply our facility with quality products and outstanding customer service for years to come."

Dr. Christopher Haggerty
Lee's Summit, MO

CareCredit has been a great resource for my patients during this ongoing pandemic. Without it many patients would have deferred their necessary treatment. Having CareCredit in my practice has been a great practice builder all around. As for the patients, they love that the application process is quick and easy.”

Dr. Susan Lee
Norwalk, Connecticut

“We were using a local business for drill repair, and then started using Nuell this past year. Their prices are better, and the turnaround time was faster than the local repair shop we were using. I highly recommend use of them for repair of your handpieces.”

Dr. George Tunder
Pittsburgh, PA

"Before Practice Quotient, we really didn't know how bad our insurance contracts were. We knew reimbursements were low, but we didn't think they were THAT low. We called Patrick at Practice Quotient to analyze the contracts we had. Patrick and his team showed us that we were actually losing money with some of the insurance companies we were contracted with. At first, Patrick, Scott and Nikki made some predictions that we thought were far-fetched. But with the swooping changes they made, they delivered!! I won't ever get involved with insurance negotiations without them."

Dr. Frank Yeh
Virginia Beach, VA.

MedXCom is by far the best answering service I have hired since opening my practice in 1995. It is very easy to use both for the patient and me. The iPhone app allows me to do everything on my phone. When you call the patient, MedXCom calls them and then calls you back, which masks your personal cell number. The service provides you a text message of a transcription of the patient’s voice message as well as the ability to actually listen to the entire message. It provides a date and time stamp of the call as well. I highly recommend this service to any Oral Surgery practice for On Call purposes.”

Dr. Joseph Margarone III
Williamsville, N.Y.

SoFi has the best rates by far for student loan refinancing. They were easy to work with and it was a very simple and efficient process. Additionally, they offer other financial products.”

Dr. Garett Seeba
Houston, Texas

MedXCom has simplified our answering service. There are no more misdirected calls or administration type calls sent to the doctors. The best part is that MedXCom has saved our office a bundle in answering services fees.”

Dr. Robin Gallardi
Chicago Heights, Ill.

“It’s no secret that OMS expenses can be very costly to our patients. Most patients are not aware of how their medical/dental insurance plans work. After our OMS surgeons present the patient’s treatment plan, we carefully go over their benefits, educating them on their co-pays, co-insurance, deductible and responsibilities. For those patients that qualify, we offer them the option to sign up for CareCredit. This allows our practice to maintain positive cash flow while allowing our patients 0% financing for up to 3, 6, 9, 12 months.

Scott Graham, CEO
St. Louis, Mo.

“In an attempt to control overhead and avoid supply shortfalls we worked for years to create a solid inventory management system for our practice. All of our efforts were lackluster, and we regularly abandoned each system in search of something that would work to meet our needs. Fortunately, we were introduced to Sowingo and have not looked back. Using Sowingo we currently manage all of implant supplies, emergency and anesthesia medications, as well as team credentials.
Our plan is to implement Sowingo to track and manage our entire general inventory along with office supplies.

If you are struggling with overstock, supplies expiring unnecessarily, or need to tighten up your supply costs, I highly recommend Sowingo. We are extremely happy with the system and have yet to use it to its full potential.”

Dr. Russell Kirk
Lebanon, Tenn.

“The ASI Approved Program with Sowingo has been very helpful in tracking our implant supplies.”

Dr. Eugene M. D'Amico III
Newark, Del.

“Over the course of my 24 years in practice, we have used many answering services, trying to find one that provided the level of customer service and responsiveness our patients have come to expect. Sadly, there were always deficiencies like poor screening resulting in calls for non-emergent issues or not being called when I should have been. Constant turnover and inadequate training were also major concerns. Trying to find a service where we had more control of the process, we decided to give MedXCom a try and we have never looked back. Our patients have complimented our office on our timely responsiveness and availability. I have the option to accept a call immediately, defer to a later time, or advise the caller to call back during regular office hours. We can create custom greetings for days when the office will be closed. All calls and call-backs are recorded and archived for medicolegal purposes. Oh, and we are paying less for better service!”

Dr. Spiro Karras
Morton Grove, Ill.

Nuell is a great service to get end-of-life equipment such as Stryker Core and Oral Max handpieces serviced properly. The service comes with a warranty and has worked very well for my office needs. I highly recommend this service.”

Dr. Joseph Margarone
Williamsville, N.Y.

“My practice signed up with MedXCom at the Chicago AAOMS meeting (Oct. 2018), and I am very happy that we did. A covering colleague had also highly recommended it to me. Prior to using MedXCom, I had used a couple of different live answering services that were universally incompetent. They were unable to filter between new and existing patients, or track what treatment was rendered. Calling patients back would result in rejected calls as I would block my number so as not to expose my caller ID.

With MedXCom, callers must enter their call back number, which alleviates the need to search our EMR for alternate numbers. MedXCom routes calls to the patient through the app on my cell phone without displaying my personal caller ID, and actually publishes the office telephone number. Detailed messages left by the patient get transcribed, and when I get a notification though the app of an urgent call, I can either listen to the recording or view the transcription.

This is a well thought-out service that is pretty flawless and fully automated until such time that I need to call the patient. I highly recommend this service for any office-based oral surgery practice. It is both cost effective and efficient to use.”

Dr. Joseph Margarone
Williamsville, N.Y.

CareCredit is a great service to get medical and dental credit for my patients who are otherwise tapped out on credit card debt. It is an easy process for patients to enter data online. I highly recommended this service to my colleagues.”

Dr. Joseph Margarone
Williamsville, N.Y.

“I used SoFi to refinance my student loans at a significantly better rate.”

Dr. Garett Seeba
Webster, Texas

“We knew we needed a new service, and we had been hearing a lot about MedXCom through AAOMS. We met with them at the annual conference and decided to give it a try, and we are so glad that we did! The transition was easy. Since then, my doctors are much happier with the lack of errors and low maintenance. My favorite part is we have the app on our phones for easy access.”

Vera Lantigua, Office Manager
Orlando Oral and Facial Surgery
Orlando, Fla.

“After years of fighting my live answering service over the correct way to pronounce my name, disputes in billing and extra charges for holidays, I looked for another option for my after-hours service. MedXCom was in its early stages when I elected to sign up with them and I can honestly say my answering service nightmares ended. The transition to MedXCom was a simple and painless process.

MedXCom provides my callers the option to leave a message or contact me if it is an urgent nature. Incoming calls are recorded and can be retrieved at any time via an app on my iPhone. The app also allows me to be connected directly to the caller if necessary. I receive an email for each call that I can send to my staff with information to follow up or document the call as needed.

MedXCom has provided my office and patients with a secure, reliable and cost-effective communication service that I highly recommend.”

Dr. Daniel Quon
Jackson, Miss

“I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who has been in practice for 40 years. For my on-call service, the mom-and-pop operation I used to use was taken over by a larger corporation, and service was less than efficient. At the prompting of my office manager, I looked for alternatives, and discovered MedXCom. I enrolled, and to my surprise, this system exceeded my expectations. The service has been prompt in receiving calls and the response to patient care has been very effective. I would highly recommend MedXCom to my colleagues.”

Fredrick L. Hecht, DMD
Carlisle, Pa.

“I could not be more satisfied with MedXCom! After signing up over two years ago, we have had no problems and the transition away from our old live operator service has been seamless. I would (and do) highly recommend the system to my colleagues and fellow providers.”

Dr. Eugene M. D'Amico III
Newark, Del.

SoFi has allowed me to make sense of my student loans and keep track of them in a very concise and organized manner. Use of their calculators and tools for refinancing has given me peace of mind in knowing that I will be able to comfortably pay my monthly student loan installments while in residency.”

Dr. Anthony Congiusta
Philadelphia, Pa.

“I use Vyne Dental to send attachments effortlessly to third party administrators. This has streamlined my processes and improves the morale for my staff. They feel good knowing that I am always looking out for ways to make their job more efficient.”

Dr. Sanil Nigalye
Williamsville, N.Y.

“I always mention CareCredit to patients who have a need for oral surgery services but need a way to finance them. Not only is patient retention maintained, but more importantly patients can rely on CareCredit to receive their much-needed treatment. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Dr. Susan Lee
Norwalk, Conn.

CareCredit has helped numerous patients receive care in my office. Some would not have been able to have the surgery performed for their loved ones without the option of CareCredit. Others were able to use CareCredit and ease the strain of paying their bill with savings or putting it on a credit card with high interest. I and my staff find CareCredit employees informative and friendly.”

Dr. Michael Robinson
Edgewood, Ky.