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Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Share-the-Savings Drawing!

On June 11 the two AAOMS members mentioned below were announced as the winners of the 2021 Share-the-Savings Drawing.

“We were using a local business for drill repair, and then started using Nuell this past year. Their prices are better, and the turnaround time was faster than the local repair shop we were using. I highly recommend use of them for repair of your handpieces.”

Dr. George Tunder
Pittsburgh, PA

“I have been a ConnectPay client for about 7 years. I have never had any problems with them and they have always been attentive to my needs. They have worked well with my accountant, provided excellent PPP and other resources, and have an easy-to-use client portal. Staff is easy to get a hold of and is very diligent. Their pricing has always been unbeatable on top it! Highly recommended!”

Dr. David Fenton
West Hartford, CT


The annual Share-the-Savings Drawing hosted by AAOMS Advantage is open to all AAOMS members in good standing. AAOMS members' stories and reviews received through the official online entry form help answer the many questions members ask about the Partners' products and services used in OMS practices. To view all recent entries, view the Reviews page on this site. Watch for more information on this page about the 2022 Share-the-Savings Drawing beginning in January 2022.

Share-the-Savings Drawing

The official entry form for the annual Share-the-Savings Drawing will be available again in January 2022. Check back for details.