Free registration to AAOMS Annual Meeting is a story away


Be eligible to win FREE registration to the AAOMS Annual Meeting for 2021 or 2022 - your choice!


The annual Share-the-Savings contest that is hosted by AAOMS Advantage is open to all AAOMS members in good standing. The AAOMS members’ stories and reviews received on the official online entry form help answer the many questions members ask about the Partners’ products and services used in OMS practices.

Rules for submissions

The Official Rules for 2021 are different for written vs. video entries, so please read the official rules carefully on the entry form once it is available online. Only entries meeting the requirements in the official rules for written and video entries—and entries with valid signatures—will be eligible for the Share-the-Savings Contest. AAOMS members in good standing can enter as many times as they like featuring a different Partner in each entry. All entries must be received on or before the deadline of June 7, 2021.


All eligible written and video entries received on or before the June 7, 2021 deadline will be placed in a bin and three member entries will be drawn on June 11, 2021. The three members whose names are drawn will win FREE registration to the AAOMS Annual Meeting for 2021 or 2022—their choice. Winning registrations are not transferrable to another person.

Each video or written entry received on the official entry form will be reviewed by AAOMS personnel for eligibility upon its receipt to verify that all of the requirements listed in the Official Rules were met. The Sender will receive acknowledgement of receipt by AAOMS personnel within approximately 5 days of AAOMS receiving a written or video entry. If you do not receive a return response, please check to make sure that AAOMS received your entry.

Share-the-Savings Contest