Innovative Payment Options

Patient Financing


When patients have an out-of-pocket cost, letting them know CareCredit financing is available may make it easier for them to be prepared to pay for and accept recommended surgery.

Q:  Why let all patients know you accept the CareCredit credit card?

Paying for dentistry remains a barrier to care. The 2023 Synchrony Dental Lifetime of Care study found:
  • 30% of respondents said they would hold off on dental care if cost was $500 or less
  • 52% would hold off on dental care if cost was $1,000 or less
  • Only 75% of respondents went to see their general dentist in the past 12 months.  Of those who did not, 54% cited “expenses” as the reason.
Giving patients the ability to pay over time – often with promotional financing – can encourage more patients to schedule care, keep appointments and accept recommended treatment.
11.8+ million people nationwide have CareCredit. 
Some of them may be your patients and may prefer to use CareCredit at your practice.
Q:   How easy is it to use CareCredit – for patients and for the team?
With CareCredit, financing is simplified.  It takes two simple steps:
  1. Ask all patients, “Do you have the CareCredit credit card?”
  2. Let them know they can see if they prequalify for the CareCredit credit card – without impacting their credit score – by scanning your custom link QR code display.  To get your custom link go to
Q:  Why is CareCredit different than other financing options?
CareCredit is a trusted financing partner with:
  • 35+ years providing responsible healthcare financing
  • A range of financing options to help more patients fit monthly payments into their family budget
  • Integrations into most practice management software and patient communication software
  • Free team training and resources created in conjunction with leading dental educators to help your practice grow
To optimize CareCredit in your practice, call 800.859.9975 (press 1, then 6).
Yet to accept CareCredit?  Call 800.300.3046 (press 5).

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Merchant services, collections, practice and patient financing

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Electronic attachment, business report tool, coding products, dental inventory management program, and automated answering service


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Pharmaceuticals and surgical supplies, OMS specialty products, office supplies, pneumatic and electrical drill repair

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Medications, PPO analysis and negotiation, stem cell banking, refining

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