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PPO Contract Negotiations

Patient Quotient

We Serve Oral Surgeons

Are you concerned that the dollar difference between production and collections that are being written off as benefit plan discounts is affecting your practice’s profitability?

Do you know which insurance companies are the best business partners for your patient acquisition strategy?

Who We Are

Practice Quotient, Inc. is a national managed dental care contract negotiation firm. We are proud to be an AAOMS Advantage Approved Partner.

What We Do

  1. Increase practice revenue by negotiating fair market discounts with third-party payors (i.e. insurance carriers).
  2. Protect your practice’s long-term value by actively managing network contracts to serve your financial interests.

AAOMS Advantage Approved Partners

Financial Services

Merchant services, collections, practice and patient financing

Practice Efficiency

Electronic attachment, business report tool, coding products, dental inventory management program, and automated answering service


Supplies and Repairs

Pharmaceuticals and surgical supplies, OMS specialty products, office supplies, pneumatic and electrical drill repair

Specialty Services

Medications, PPO analysis and negotiation, stem cell banking, refining

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