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HIPAA Compliance


Makes HIPAA Compliance Easy

AAOMS is concerned that practices are not taking proper compliance related precautions. Mastering HIPAA requirements and other compliance obligations can feel overwhelming, but PCIHIPAA will help keep you in compliance with HIPAA.

The government has strengthened its ability to enforce HIPAA law with fines reaching up to $50,000 per violation, and a maximum $1,500,000 annual penalty.


Visit the link below for more details, take the risk assessment or sign up for the webinar.

“PCIHIPAA and their OfficeSafeTM solution has made PCI and HIPAA compliance easy and affordable. I highly recommend their solution to any medical or dental practice that struggles to find the time and resources to navigate all of the regulatory requirements. A home run!”

— Dr. Sclar, AAOMS member

AAOMS Advantage Approved Partners

Financial Services

Merchant services, collections, practice and patient financing

Practice Efficiency

Electronic attachment, coding products, HIPAA compliance, dental inventory management program, automated answering service, payroll and HR services


Supplies and Repairs

Pharmaceuticals and surgical supplies, OMS specialty products, office supplies, pneumatic and electrical drill repair

Specialty Services

Medications, PPO analysis and negotiation, stem cell banking, refining

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